About Us

Founded in 1999, The Marini String Ensemble is a professional string ensemble that concertizes and performs at special occasions in the Greater Rochester area.  The Marini String Ensemble adds a touch of elegance to any occasion.

The Marini String Ensemble is available as a duo, trio, or quartet.  Ensembles of different sizes are better suited to certain events than others.   Please inquire about which ensemble is best suited to your event.

~~The string quartet: two violins, viola, and cello, performs delightful  and enduring, classical masterworks, as well as popular arrangements.  This size  ensemble offers the richest sound and greatest versatility.

~~An elegant string trio: violin, viola, and cello  or two violins and cello, is ideal for smaller spaces.  

~~A violin and cello duo creates an intimate atmosphere.

To make your event unique, we perform the music that you request. We specialize in the classical repertoire and often perform popular selections as well.  We do our best to accommodate all requests. Our goal is to provide fine personal service and careful attention to detail while planning  and performing at your event.  The highest levels of performance and professionalism are always our utmost concern.

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